Roof Ventilator/Roof Extractor/Turbo Ventilator

You are requested to work out at your end against following detail & reply :
01. Shed/Premises/Hall volume (LENGTH*WIDTH*HEIGHT):
02. Application under that Shed/Premises/Hall :
03. Details of doors/Windows/Ventilation openings i.e.
a) Nos. of windows on each wall showing the North direction;
b) Nos. of Widows on each wall showing the North direction;
c) Nos. of Ventilation openings, if any, showing the North Direction.
Also, Width & height of doors, windows & ventilation openings
(height of ventialtion opening from the Ground Level to be provided seperately);
04. Wind velocity at height of installtion of Turbo Ventilator;
05. Temperture reading inside the Shed/Premises/Hall at peak load of operating hours & outside the Shed/Premises/Hall.
Kindly note that you are requested to provide as maximum as possible workout detail from the abvoe points.