We ,at Creation Cooling Towers (CCT), are engaged in manufacturing and supply of Creation brand
           FRP/WOODEN/RCC construction cooling towers since 1995.We also,supply all kinds of spares and
           undertake servicing work of existing cooling towers.

           We have a team of experienced manpower in the areas of FRP/WOODEN/RCC cooling towers.The
           team is lead by the owner himself,  who is technocrate  ( BE-MECHANICAL ).  He is having sound
           experience in design,   manufacturing,  testing,   installation and commissioning of different types of
           cooling towers.

               With constant endeavour to improve the quality of  Creation   brand cooling towers.We carry out
               continuous system analysis on various fronts.   We do give same attention to the existing cooling
               towers while carrying out their   repair  /  reconstruction  / maintenance.  We keep track of all the
               cooling towers ;   we supplied or served,   by maintaining their perfomance data sheets.   We also
               develop new vendors for spares with an intention to improve qualities of all the deliverables.

           2. QUALITY:
               We at CCT,  customer satisfaction though quality product and service is the motto.We use prime
               quality raw materials and inputs for our product;    procure proven quality spares from the tested
               and approved vendors only.  We do stringent quality check at each & every stage - starting from
               inspection of incoming goods till installation & commissioning.

           3. PRODUCTION:
               We have all kind of facilities to manufacture   Creation   brand Atmospheric Wind Wet ( Natural
                Draft  / Fanless Induced Draft cooling tower  ) upto 250 TR capacity  ; in Mechanical Draft Wet
               ( Forced Draft / Induced Draft-Counter Flow & Cross Flow ) cooling tower ; In RCC Wet Cooling
                Towers upto 5000 TR inwhich civil construction is the customer scope however structural design,
               mechanical equipments and other accessories are our scope followed by Testing/ Commissioning
               activities.  These cooling towers are manufactured to  meet  custmor's   specific requirements for
               the varied applications,site condition,water quality etc...

           4. SERVICES:
               CCT does not believe in merely meet contract requirements .  It tracks performance of products
               supplied though continuos perfprmance checks.CCT helps customer to keep their cooling towres
               healthy and performing to the standareds with the help of strong service team.

           5. FINANCE:
               Being a proprietory firms,major financial stake is with the owner.CCT is doing well over a period
               of time,which is quite apparent from the financial performance.

           6. CUSTOMERS:
               CCT believes in complete customer satifaction , achieved through supply of quality products and
               services to its customer.Satisfied customers' list of CCT includes name of reputed organisations
               From Government,Semi-Government,Public & Private Sectors all over India.

Creation Cooling Towers