~ Service / Repair / Recontruction / Service contracts of any make cooling tower. Rigorous                        perfomance analysis is done for service jobs also as it is done for designing a new cooling
                    ~ All kind of special services are being made available for cooling towers.

                       So far in the world cooling tower design  is  given least attention because of its simplicity.
                       Surveys indicate that in 65% cases cooling tower failed to meet the design specifications
                       and became the cause for decreased plant efficiency.
                       In order to achieve desired performance,  it is to be  designed  with adequate fill  volume,
                       proper  water  distribution  system,  correct  fan diameter,  sufficient  motor capacity and
                       minimum pumping head for given quantity of water circulation.
                       It is advisable to hire service from the experts at reasonable charges to study the requir-
                       ements, operations as give their recommendation rather than going for free,toutine check
                       -ups offered by  manufactures / suppliers of the cooling tower as a part of thier marketing
                       strategies to sell their products.

                       UPGRADATION :

                       Main objective of thermal upgradation is to generate larger volume of cold water so as to
                       conserve energy during operation of associated equipments.
                       The main elements of any cooling towers are :
                    ~ Air Handling System ;
                    ~ Water Distribution System ; and
                    ~ Heat Transfer Surfaces.
                       Following data are very much important to know performance of any cooling towers :
                    ~ L/G Ratio.
                    ~ Existing water flow rate & air quantity.
                    ~ Thermal Efficiency.
                    ~ Operating condition of cooling tower components and their servicing.
                       Above data help us to know :
                    ~ Optimum utilization of cooling tower.
                    ~ Shut-down planning.
                       We give special attention using our expertise & technical skills to help you best, economic-
                      al way to upgrade your cooling tower. Please contact us today to feel the difference.