Energy Saving Unit

(An Auto Control Accessory)

  Principle of Operation:

    It senses system water temperature from cold water basin using
    digital  temperature controller with accurate sensor and controls
    operation of electrical motor. It switches ON  &  OFF the motor
    used for Fan assembly, depending on the HIGH or LOW tempe-
    ratures preset according to the requirement.

  Advantages :

~ Conservation  of electrical energy and saving in operational cost
    by auto ON-OFF switching of the electric motor.
~ Lesser  wear &  tear resulting in  longer operating life of electric
   motor and its parts.

  Applications :

~ Industries where cooling tower is not used round the clock.Cooling tower fan switched ON along with the process
   applications of manufacturing.
~ To ensure safety & efficiency of Diesel Generator Set.
~ In the cases where the cooling tower fan in still operating ON,though there is no possibility of further reduction in    cold water temperature beyond certain level.It helps in decreasing water losses.
~ In the application where lower cold water temperature no way effects yield of the production.